(So Far) Gone With The Wind

I seem to be the only person who does not feel that length is what hindered Gone With The Wind from being a watchable movie. I am admittedly a sucker for “longer” movies (The Two Towers, Gettysburg, and Apocalypse Now are three of my favorites) but I also realize that making a movie long, just for the sake of doing so can be its own undoing (see: Alexander or Troy).

No, length is not what bugged me about GWTW. As many of my classmates have expressed, the racism in the movie is, even for the time, unbearable. Knowing that this was going on behind the scenes as well only made it sadder. Much like Pocahontas, I do not believe this was supposed to be a spot-on recreation of what really happened in the South. It is a love story at heart, and it just happened to have the Civil War setting around it. As a love story, I think it accomplished what it set out to do. Isn’t that enough?

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  1. 1 jmcclurken Oct 3rd, 2008 at 1:26 pm

    Ah, but it was never intended to just be a love story. If it was, the Nazis wouldn’t have banned the book and the French resistance wouldn’t have been inspired by it; the Depression-era audiences, especially in the South, wouldn’t have spent what little money they had to see it over and over again; the film wouldn’t continue to resonate with some people the way that it clearly does if it was just a love story….

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