I have to say that this is, as I’ve told a classmate, the PERFECT historical war film. Of all the movies we have watched, Glory is the one that REALLY gets everything as close to “Right” as a Hollywood movie can. As Dr.M explained, the South was NOT the only part of the nation that was racist. The hostility and resentment towards the blacks was something that never seemed exaggerated in this film, yet was never glossed over either. The importance of the 54th MA unit showed itself, and without a Disney-fied grandstanding.

However, I think the most important part is the fact that they did not try to change the events of the attack on the fort. Very often, especially with the pass we have given Hollywood to try and transform less-than-satisfactory results for a more Hollywood ending, these movies will try and tie a pretty bow around a less than pretty event. It was nice to see that Ed Zwick, known for About Last Night, thirtysomething and the (in my mind) overrated Blood Diamond, did not try to sanitize the results of this attack.

All in all, honestly, as close to perfection as we have seen. And this coming from a Denzel hater.

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