JFK Project – Page One (Basic Info & What It Got Right)


-Nick “Cash” Nelson


John F. Kennedy was one of the most revered public leaders of our time. Popular, handsome and knowledgeable, he took the nation by storm. However, his assassination in November of 1963 is shrouded in mystery, speculation, and conspiracy theories. One of those theories is examined in Oliver Stone’s JFK. It will be the job of the following few posts to show in a clear, objective manner that Oliver Stone, though adamant in his beliefs, is ultimately wrong with his theories and ideas. 



  • John F. Kennedy – President. Elected in 1960, killed in 1963. Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. There are theories abounding as to why Kennedy was killed, and whether or not it was part of a conspiracy.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald – JFK’s assassin. If taking the Warren Report as absolute truth, Oswald acted alone. He was shot and killed two days after Kennedy’s death, by Jack Ruby.
  • Jack Ruby – Oswald’s murderer. When Oswald was being transferred from police HQ to the county jail, Ruby pulled out a pistol and shot Oswald in the stomach, a spectacle that was captured on live television. Oswald died in the same hospital as Kennedy had just two days before.
Ruby Shoots Oswald 

Ruby Shoots Oswald



  • The Warren Commission – The Congressional committee responsible for determining the final say in Kennedy’s death. They concluded that he was shot by Oswald alone.
  • Jim Garrison – New Orleans D.A. who attempted to convict Clay Shaw on charges of conspiracy to assassinate the President. While Garrison’s case was unsuccessful, it served as inspiration for his book On The Trail Of The Assassins, serving as major basis for Oliver Stone’s film JFK.



  • Clay Shaw/David Ferrie  – The men accused of conspiring with Oswald in the assassination. Ferrie could not be brought to court in his involvement, due to a fatal brain hemorrhage in 1967. The case first took to trial in January 1969. Shaw was found not guilty in his involvement in Kennedy’s death. The jury took less than an hour to acquit him.
  • Clay Shaw

WHY kill Kennedy:
There is no known answer for this. Oswald was murdered before he could testify, and if there is a true conspiracy, the government has refused to comment.
HOW was Kennedy Killed:
The easy answer here is to say it was one of two gunshot wounds, fired by Oswald and suffered by Kennedy during his motorcade route through Dallas, TX. Since the first shot ruptured Kennedy’s throat, and the second was a headshot, it is likely that either would have been lethal in solo. 
WHEN and WHERE was Kennedy killed?: 
Jack Kennedy was shot and killed on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. He was shot twice at roughly 12:30 CST, and pronounced dead at 1:00 CST. He was 46 years old.
The full details of Kennedy’s assassination are still under heavy scrutiny, and the subject of countless conspiracy theories. Oliver Stone’s JFK has been accused of being exactly that. It will be the mission of the rest of this project to determine whether that is the case, or if Stone managed to craft an accurate historical drama.
Unfortunately, this can be added onto the historical background section on the basis of there being so little to say. So little, in fact, that it is actually easier just to list the accuracies, while I use the next page to dissect the INACCURACIES, which were much more numerous. So here…we…go…
  1. JFK was killed by an assassin’s bullet. He WAS killed in Dallas, TX, and the time of death was, in fact, 1:00 CST. Amidst the conspiracies and wild theories, Stone maintained the basic details.
  2. The characters were all real people. Jim Garrison, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw, Garrison’s law firm staff, Jack Ruby, the Senators. They were, however, greatly reinvented for the movie.
  3. Clay Shaw’s trial wasn’t taken very seriously in real life, either. As stated earlier, Shaw was acquitted in less than an hour.
  4. The chronology was all correct, down to the smaller details. (Oswald’s death and Dr. King’s assassination both happened at the same time as they were occurring in the film.)
Out of all the details, these are the major ones that would be most important to mention. As with any blockbuster Hollywood film, there will be plenty of story to reinvent and fabricate, but these are the situations that were, in fact, right. So while the movie is entertaining, and often an enthralling watch, all I can really give Mr. Stone is the following:




A for Effort.

A for Effort.