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325 Test Post

here there be a test post. and a witty cubs joke.

Born On The Fourth Of July

In analyzing any film with Oliver Stone attached, one is typically required to take the view on history with a grain of salt. Nixon, JFK, Platoon and Salvador all feel like an encyclopedia is necessary to fact-check the proceedings. His movies that aren’t based as much on history, such as Talk Radio, Natural Born Killers, […]

The Long Walk Home

I struggled with how to frame my blog about this movie. I have plenty to say, I just have no idea how to say it. My biggest fear, in summarizing The Long Walk Home was not an issue of finding something profound to say. Any profundity was found, and made, in the midst of this […]

JFK Bibliography

Fuller, Graham. “The Unstoppable Stone.” Interview. Jan. 1996. Lambert, Patricia. False Witness. New York: M.Evans and Co, 1992.   Phelan, James. Scandals, Scamps and Scoundrels: The Casebook of an Investigative Reporter. New York:     Random House, 1982. Reeves, Thomas C. The Journal Of American History 79 (1992): 1264. Stone, Oliver. JFK. Directed by Oliver Stone. 206 min. Warner Bros, 2002. […]

JFK – Oliver’s Twist: Or, Please Sir, May I Have Some More Conspiracy?

***I DO NOT CLAIM TO BE THE OWNER OF ANY MEDIA IN THIS BLOG*** Stone does a masterful job of making a sound piece of entertainment. The characters are enthralling throughout JFK and the wild theories, in the manner they are presented to the viewer, are portrayed in a manner which makes them almost believable. The problem is, […]

JFK Project – Page One (Basic Info & What It Got Right)

I HEREBY PLEDGE TO HAVE NEITHER GIVEN NOR RECEIVED ANY AID ON THIS PROJECT. -Nick “Cash” Nelson   John F. Kennedy was one of the most revered public leaders of our time. Popular, handsome and knowledgeable, he took the nation by storm. However, his assassination in November of 1963 is shrouded in mystery, speculation, and […]

She might’ve been YOUR darling Clementine, but she wasn’t MINE…

I hated this movie. I am going to try and be objective in this blog-post about it, but really, John Ford tanked hardcore with My Darling Clementine. It wasn’t even the love story being 90 percent of the film’s plot. It wasn’t the blatant racism, although that was on the level of Gone With The […]

Bibliography for Previous Post

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I have to say that this is, as I’ve told a classmate, the PERFECT historical war film. Of all the movies we have watched, Glory is the one that REALLY gets everything as close to “Right” as a Hollywood movie can. As Dr.M explained, the South was NOT the only part of the nation that was […]

(So Far) Gone With The Wind

I seem to be the only person who does not feel that length is what hindered Gone With The Wind from being a watchable movie. I am admittedly a sucker for “longer” movies (The Two Towers, Gettysburg, and Apocalypse Now are three of my favorites) but I also realize that making a movie long, just for […]